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08 May, 2020 - Secured the site with SSL/TLS. Although purchased the security package (Verified and Secured) by GoDaddy.com, I have only now set up the .htaccess file in the public.html folder.

08 Apr, 2020 - Completed "2019 Answers Explained" in Video Section.

28 Mar, 2020 - Completed ALL *2019* Past Year Questions, except D01 Accounting.

08 Mar, 2020 - Speaker of iT in Real Estate paper for the Negotiator Certification Course, Lot 10 Boutique Hotel, Kuching.

*************** 2020 ****************

01 Oct, 2019 - Switched to S2Member for membership subscription. Conflict of plugins for the previous membership subscription plugin with Learning Management System.

25 Sep, 2019 - First talk on "E-learning as an option for Estate Agent's Examination" by MIEA Sarawak, as coordinator for Let's Talk Real Estate - A Brunch Event.

18 Sep, 2019 - Completed 2019 Exam Question Analysis VIDEO SERIES (except D01 Accounting).

25 Aug, 2019 - Completed 2019 Examination Questions upload into the website. Will start to provide answers soonest possible. Thanks to Li Ting, Ernie & Jee Ken for providing most of the questions in 2019 examination.

24 Aug, 2019 - Added Webinar platform and thus allow webinar as a method of reaching out to members and candidates. Webinar will be conducted via Google Hangouts and YouTube.

23 Aug, 2019 - Added Social Media and Forum to the Website, hence members can have ACTIVITIES (forum) which can benefit other members. Member can have profile pictures and set up groups.

21 Aug, 2019 - Added LMS (Learning Management System) to allow 'Instructors' who can be assigned 'Editors' so that others can conduct COURSES and lessons in the platform. This LMS can deliver quizzes and questions with automated assessment system. In the future, more lessons and quizzes will be designed for the benefit of students.

15 Aug, 2019 - Added Statistics (removed earlier Slimstat plugin), changed a few plugins because updates distorted the website layout for postings. To present the platform of E-Learning to Board of Directors, MIEA on 17th August, 2019 HQ KL.

02 Aug, 2019 - Video Presentations being set to MAIN MENU for prominence and better navigation.

25 Jul, 2019 - Completed 11 summary videos in Presentation Slides Series for better understanding and preparation of Examination.

07 Jul, 2019 - Started on the Summary Series of Video Presentations for Examination Subjects. Uploaded to the Video Presentation sub-menu Video 2019-SUBJECTS.

20-22 Jun, 2019 - Uploaded various Video Presentations on Site Navigation and Career in Real Estate Agency Practice.

13 Jun , 2019 - Announcement of Examination date 5 - 7 August, 2019.

26 May, 2019 - added "Company Profile" link within "About us" so as to indicate "Contract Index Services" as the company which manages this website.

18 May, 2019 - elected as Committee Member (Education) for Sarawak Branch of MIEA (Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents). To carry out E-Learning module for Estate Agent's Examination and Career Talk for the Sarawak MIEA Activities.

24 Mar, 2019 - completed MEAS 2018 and its differences from MEAS 2014. Go to Menu "MEAS" or read justletakproperty.com Facebook Postings 2019 (0315 - 0327) which compiled differences between MEAS 2014 & 2018.

07 Mar, 2019 - added Testimonials page

04 Mar, 2019 - 2018 results announced in bis.lppeh.gov.my

24 Dec, 2018 - "Strategy for Examination"

24 Oct, 2018 - "Career Talk in the Real Estate Industry" in UNIMAS, Kota Samarahan.

23 Oct, 2018 - "Career Talk in the Real Estate Industry" in MSU (Management and Science University), Kuching

17 Oct, 2018 - I did my first "Career Talk - Career in the Real Estate Industry" in LimKokWing University, Kuching.

28 Sep, 2018 - added "Advertisement Online Self-study Mode"

24 Sep, 2018 - completed answering Part 1 Questions (except Accounting). All Part 1 Answers are available for subscription only.

12 Sep, 2018 - completed answering Part 2 Questions. All Part 2 Answers are available for subscription only.

9 Sep, 2018 - completed D07, D08 & D09 answers. Much is repeat questions, especially D09 Valuation. Exact repeat of questions from 2017 and 2016.

02 Sep, 2018 - completed the import of 2018 examination questions into the website and blog my-realestateforum.blogspot.com.

28 - 30 Aug, 2018 - Exam!

16 Jun, 2018 - Created 4 subsections under 'Summaries' of TPC - Interview Topics under "Law", "Practice", "Rules" & "General".

* REGISTRATION for Jul 2018 EXAMINATION is ONGOING till 2nd May, 2018! *

18 Mar, 2018 - Completed repair of all the links for this site. Officially announced it in JustLetak EA Exam Quick Guide via FB.

17 Mar, 2018 - Added two new posts on VAEA (Amendment) Act, 2017 and its effect on Estate Agency Practice and profession of Property Manager.