Approval of NEW Firm

Having waited for more than a month, depending on the time of meeting by BOVAEP, your application will be approved eventually.

Pay attention to the attachment required in submission, as time might have changed the required document. Hence, better check with the officer at Board Office. For example, letter of resignation actually is "Acceptance of Resignation Letter" together with "Resignation Letter".

Indeed, submitting an inappropriate document might have caused your application to be rejected (like what happened to the above letter). This means time wasted to resubmit for approval - usually, a month later.

Upon approval, you will be given a new firm number. See below the email notification from the bis system on this approval.

Do pay attention that this NEW number will be your "New User Name" for login to the bis system. Do NOT use the temporary number which was "LPPEH-FC60E" for initial application in my case. You cannot login using the username when first applied for the firm registration. You need to use the new Firm E Number as your Username now!

Thereafter, you can access the bis system with the new look! Which shows your firm profile and when it requires firm renewal.

As I got my firm registered in End of November, the new firm registration will be carried forward to the subsequent year. This means, my firm will not require December renewal for 2023 into 2024. It is automatically renewed to end of 2024. See below:

This is the same with REA, PEA and REN, which means if you have been registered after 01 Oct and before 31 Dec of any year, your registration is automatically renewed for the following year.

The new look after approval also includes the menu button for NEGOTIATOR register within Bis System.

This means the firm can carry out registration of new negotiators online and manage the list via bis system. The future plan would be allowing negotiators to access the bis system and make applications (new registration or renewal) online.

There is however some incomplete setting within the Bis System during this stage. If you perform search under, you still cannot find the new firm in the database.

Therefore, it is under "Awaiting Printing (2024)" which requires the system to "print out to Bis System".

This part is about paying the Firm Registration fee of RM250 for Soleprop Firm.

You will wait for a day or so to get notification of payment. See below email on payment of the Firm Registration Fee.

Above, you can see "kindly proceed with Firm Registration Fee." Within this email, there is also attach a "record" - bill of payment. As usual, you may login to the bis system, go to Payment section and perform online payment.

Immediately after having completed payment you will get an email notification. See below.

Thereafter, you can also download your receipt from payment section of bis system.

And, below the payment history (receipts) within which you can see RM75 for processing the application and RM250 for Registration of Firm.

At this stage the status of your firm registration will show "Active (2024)".

Which means the firm is Active for current year until 2024 December.

Only after this printing of Firm Registration - which "activate" the registration that you can search the database on showing the firm is registered.

From this far you have gone through, the firm registration is coming to an end. After this, you need to link your EXXXX with your Firm E(Y)YYYY so that it shows you are engaged with the Firm.

Indeed, at this time, my personal EA profile has not been linked to my new firm. See below.

Hence, you need to submit using your personal bis system - not under firm, to tag yourself to the firm "employed by" the firm.

Then, there will be an email notifying such action being taken.

This is called "New Employer Request", showing the person of REA requests to be assigned to the firm.

After all the above steps, you are successfully assigned as the principal of the firm that you have formed.

Subsequently, it would be more of using the features of Bis System for daily operation, especially in the recruitment of REN and yearly renewal of licences.

27-28 Nov, 2023 Ipoh-KL.

Final Approval see here.