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The combined Part 1&2 package RM1,400 is as below - which allows a candidate to study both parts without having to renew the subscription. As mentioned in the video above, many candidates find free time while waiting for result announcement. At times, candidates are having to retake just 1 or 2 subjects in Part 1 when they can get prepared for some harder subjects in Part 2.

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3 - video series on Estate Agent's Exam and Estate Agency Practice

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3-Attempt Rule:

Part 1 (6 subjects) can be taken in any order within 3 years (examination is held once every year around August), failing which the candidate is considered to have exhausted all the attempts. In such case, the candidate is unable to continue taking this examination unless with the permission of the Board (BOVAEP) to re-register as a new candidate. This means all subjects MUST be passed within the 3 attempts - the 3-attempt rule.

For example - 1st year took only 4 subjects obtained all passes. 2nd year passed 1 subject (only took 1 subject), last year failed the last subject (although only attempted once). This means the candidate still FAILED Part 1.

Part 2 (6 subjects) can be taken in any order 3 times within 4 years (examination is held once every year around August - at the same time Part 1 is held - see timetable in Examination Notification Page here), failing which the candidate is considered to have exhausted all the attempts. In such case, the candidate cannot pass Part 2 unless with the permission of the Board (BOVAEP) to re-register as new candidate for Part 2.

Hence, it is always the right approach to do all the 6 subjects in the 1st attempt. This is in order to have the best outcome for all the subjects. Subsequently, depending on individual performance, a candidate can identify the tough subjects to have 2nd or even 3rd attempt. Give yourself 3 attempts for all the subjects.

Graduation & Training

Having completed in full written examination (Part 1 & 2 - 12 subjects), candidate is given a Diploma in Estate Agency certificate. This certificate of Diploma is recognized under S.22D of the Act 242 (VAEP Act, 1981) to be registered as Probationary Estate Agent (PEA). The candidate is then to undergo training under a Registered Estate Agency Firm, and work under the supervision of a Registered Estate Agent (REA) for experience. Yearly renewal of PEA registration is done through bis.lppeh.gov.my.

This 2 years training starts after the registration of PEA (with the BOVAEP) and not automatically after passing of examination. Many a time, the waiting time for registration can be prolonged (6 months to 1 year esp with COVID-19 which affects the Board meeting of the Committee). There are also many candidates who never embark on training as PEA but just remain as graduates.

TPC - Test of Professional Competence Interview

Having done 1st year of diary work, the candidate is to submit to Board for marking. It will be returned for correction, if any. The 2nd year diary work is to be submitted as well after the 2nd year, thereafter wait for marking. It is only after both years of diary works had been completed that the candidate is to be called in for the Test of Professional Competence (TPC) interview - whereby 2 tasks and a short summary of experience to be submitted for interview. By this time, it could be 3 years (soonest) after the written examination, or 4 years or more due to queue and pandemic which could have delayed the interviews. There are also some PEAs who never complete the tasks and diary work therefore unable to attend the TPC.

In Rules and Guidelines to the TPC for the Estate Agency Practice, 4.02, Candidates who have under gone post qualifying practical experience for a period of not less than 10 years under the supervision of a registered estate agent are exempted from submission of work Diary, and Practical Tasks subject to payment of processing fee as prescribed under Fifth Schedule. They are required to submit Form TPC (EA) 2/96 and to attend a Professional Interview.

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