TPC Circulars on changes

Recently, there had been uncertainties about the "4 Attempts" rule for Test of Professional Competence (TPC) interview. Below are the circulars issued on this matter from the Board (BOVAEP). The summary are below:

  • Effective 2 January, 2020 this will be the new rule for TPC.
  • Ongoing candidates (who has been called) are not affected.
  • The 4 attempts are on the 4 subareas of the Oral Exam - Law, Practice, Rules & Topical matters.
  • Tasks and Diary are not included in this 4-attempts rule.
  • 6 months of waiting will be for those who cannot clear all 4 subareas before the candidate can restart the TPC interview again.
  • Previously cleared (passed) areas are carried forward (the tasks & diary) and not affected by this ruling.