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    • D01 Principles of Accounting
      D01 Principles of Accounting is Part 1 Subject, and one of the easier paper to pass in this Examination. Discussion on this subject usually circled around the below issues:
      1. Theory question
      2. Profit and Loss Account
      3. Balance Sheet
      4. Cash Flow (Cash Book)
      5. Depreciation and Capital Allowance
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      Thomas Sim E3009

    • Difficult Subjects in EA’s Examination
      This discussion is about the most common hard to pass subjects in EA's Examination. Generally most people find the below subjects hard to pass:
      1. D02 Introduction to Law
      2. D04 Property Taxation
      3. D08 Estate Agency Law
      4. D09 Principles of Valuation
      5. D10 Laws relating to Property
      6. D11 Real Estate Agency Practice
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      Thomas Sim E3009

    • General Topics about EA’s Exam
      This forum is about general matters with regards to Estate Agent's Examination by Board of Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents and Property Managers (BOVAEP). This general matter encompasses the below topics:
      1. Entry requirement
      2. How to register
      3. How many subject papers
      4. When is the time of Examination
      5. How many hours in Examination
      Other more detail topics can be found in other chat forums.
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    • 4 years, 8 months ago

      User AvatarWayneNuape

    • What do you do with a promise ring if you are engaged?
      What are the ways to offer the Matching Rings of someone? Are you geared up to make the big decision? Presenting your partner with promises rings isn't that different from getting engaged, but we'd advise against grand gestures with any stadium or jumbotron. If you want to be extravagant make sure you save the grand gestures for your engagement. You could plan an intimate dinner and serve the rings with dessert. Perhaps, you can go on a long walk with your partner and place the ring onto their finger while you hug. There's a no-no method to personalize it. If everything goes as planned, a promise ring should eventually lead to getting engaged--but what happens to the first sign of commitment? It's up to you. Some people wear their vow rings on different fingers as an opportunity to remember their journey. Some keep them as heirlooms. It is possible to loop a chain through it and wear it as necklace (like Carrie Bradshaw famously did), or simply keep wearing it on your same finger. Stacking jewelry is never more fashionable. Mensink states, "Continue wearing it, taking care of it and sharing the story and sentiment behind it." The magic of a jewelry collection comes from the stories they share. What happens to the promise rings when you end your relationship with someone? It's not easy to be apprehensive. What happens to the ring of promise if the path towards marriage abruptly becomes a snafu and you choose to break with your partner? That's completely your choice. Some people choose to keep the ring for motives of sentiment, while others decide to return it. Bad breakup? Sell the ring and buy yourself a nice present--this is known as the tax on relationships. FAQs (Frequently asked questions) How serious is the promise ring? Is a promise ring just as formal as wedding ring? No, not really. Promise rings symbolize an engagement and love, but in our day and age it's not thought of as "official" the way an engagement ring might be. Think of it as jewelry that signifies the promise of a bright future. Do you kneel for your promise ring? Kneeling is usually reserved for the major "Will you get married?" moment, so it's not advised to get down on one knee for an engagement ring. After all, you've got to keep something in mind for the big proposal. The promise ring exchange may be a more casual affair; sitting or standing is perfectly acceptable. Why do women desire rings for their promises? When it comes to promise rings, the recipient values the symbolism of love commitment, security and commitment to the relationship. Promise rings are a tangible reminder that you are interested in sharing a future with you. That's pretty cool. Plus, who doesn't like shiny things? What's the difference between promise ring and engagement ring? The primary distinction between the promise ring and an engagement ring lies in the intent. A promise ring signifies an engagement to a future together, while an engagement ring is the prelude to saying "I will." Engagement rings are more extravagant and usually feature a center diamond. Promise rings are not a particular designs. Mensink says that while the promise ring and engagement ring represent commitment in equal measure however, marriage might not be an option for all. She says that "with an engagement ring comes a wedding. A promise ring, however, honors a relationship's strength without the countdowns, ceremonies or rituals associated with marriage." Mejuri Baguette Emerald Half Eternity Band If you're looking for top-quality jewellery on a dime, Mejuri is hard to beat. The company was established in Toronto in 2013, the company takes the direct-to-consumer route that eliminates middlemen in order to make high-end jewelry more accessible. Your promise ring is sure to last for a long time by selecting high-quality materials such as 14k gold or ethically produced stones. Mejuri also offers limited-edition designs, so there's always something new to covet.
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