Intro to EA’s Exam

Introduction to Estate Agent's Examination by BOVAEP (LPEPH)

Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents & Property Managers Act, 1981 (ACT 242) is the major legislation governing the practice of Estate Agency in Malaysia. Under this law, S.22D requires the candidate to obtain qualifications recognized by the Board. See S.22D below:

22D. Qualifications for the registration of estate agents and probationary estate agents

(1) Subject to the provisions of this Act, no person shall be entitled to have his name entered under Part III of the Register unless he has been registered as a probationary estate agent under this Act.

(2) Any person who has passed the examinations prescribed by the Board or who has obtained qualifications which the Board recognizes as equivalent to such examinations may apply to the Board to be registered as a probationary estate agent.

One of the qualifications recognized by the Board is the Estate Agent's Examination which awards Diploma in Estate Agency under the same Board. This Diploma in Estate Agency (see below) enables you to register as PEA and subsequently pass out as REA in the future.

Diploma certification from BOVAEP - Estate Agency

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