Gallery 3 – TPC Submission

See detail write-up on submitting for Tasks in TPC Processes here.

After receiving marked Work Diary for Year-2, a candidate can send up the below items to BOVAEP for calling of Test of Professional Competence Examination:

  1. TPC EA 4/96 Form to be completed in DUPLICATE
  2. Payment of RM200.00 to sit for TPC
  3. Income Tax Borang B or CP58 (contract for service) or Borang BE (employed) with EA  for the latest 2 years.
  4. Record of Experience (2 sets) certified by supervisor*
  5. Task 1 - Agency Process for a subsale (4 sets) certified by supervisor*
  6. Task 2 - Project Marketing Proposal for a Developer (4 sets) certified by supervisor*

*Appendix B

Below are the pictures of the 2 sets of Work Experience and Task 1 & 2. As for Videos on Task 1 and 2, please see below links in website:



Courier Date: 21 June, 2021.

Due to COVID and FMCO in July, the Courier of Poslaju only arrived at Board on 11th August, 2021 - a total of ONE MONTH delayed in transit.

Board acknowledgement on 16 August, 2021 by En Wan.

Hence, the next thing to do is to wait...