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This E-Learning Solution is a membership subscription website.

Only those who have paid to become members could access to various sections of this E-Learning Solution for Board Diploma in Estate Agency. This qualification is recognized by BOVAEP for registration as PEA and subsequently as REA upon passing the TPC. You may read more about this process from other sources (videos) in this website or my other websites: &

You may choose to become Subscriber of the below packages:

  1. Part 1&2 - RM1,400 for 11 subjects of both Parts (D02 - D12) with suggested answers 2011-2019 (or updated year), waiver of yearly renewal (because you have to take each part separately, therefore more than 2 years are required to pass the entire examination).
  2. Part 1 - RM600 for 5 subjects of Part 1 (D02 - D06) with suggested answers 2011-2019 (or updated year).
  3. Part 2 - RM800 for 6 subjects of Part 2 (D07 - D12) with suggested answers 2011-2019 (or updated year).

Payment for subscription can be done by online banking or ATM transfer to the following account:

PUBLIC BANK (PBB) Account Name:


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Preference: Online banking or ATM transfer, kindly retain proof of transaction and Email/WhatsApp/Telegram/SMS to me

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Payment to BOARD for the Examination

Below is the fees for Examination within 5th Schedule, Part II of the Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents Rules 1986. For Estate Agency Examination, look at the boxed highlighted FEEs.

Hence, for examination registration, candidate needs to pay to Board of Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents and Property Managers at the designated account (now all online) before 02 May, yearly. You are advised to pay up registration of examination by earlier dates within March or April of the year. Below shows an example of the amount payable for taking Part 1 Examination with 6 subjects.

RM50 processing fee,


RM50 x 6 = RM300

Total = RM350.

If a candidate were to retake a failed subject, the calculation is as below:

RM50 processing fee,


RM50 x 1 = RM50

Total = RM100.

Below is the Account No of BOVAEP or LPEPH:

Taking examination with the Board is directly communicated to the Board, like private candidates registering examination with Lembaga Peperiksaan SPM or STPM. Hence, it is not under this website. Please directly call up BOVAEP for examination matters. This e-learning platform is just a self-study resource center for obtaining guidance on how to study and pass the examination.


Below is the various subscription packages for this E-Learning Platform: