D02 Introduction to Law

As verbatim from "Rules and Guidelines to Part I & II Estate Agent Examination (2nd Edition - 1 Jan, 2005)".

The machinery of government, the separation of powers, the legislature, the executive, the organization of courts and jurisdiction, the doctrine of ultra vires.

Constitutional provisions, relationship between Federal and State Government, structure and function of central government, state government, local government and public corporation.

Sources of Malaysian Law: Introduction of English Common Law and equity, doctrine of binding judicial precedents. Interpretation of law.

Contract: elements, parties, formation of a contract, void, void able, contingent, unenforceable contracts, misrepresentation of contracts, remedies for breach.

Agency: appointment and authority, revocation and agent relationship, relationship third party.

General principles of tort: torts affecting land, negligence, nuisance, trespass, strictly liability, remedy.

Arbitration: outline on awards, costs and enforcement, rules of evidence in Arbitration proceedings.