Submission for REA Registration

After you have passed your TPC, what's NEXT?

You need to be registered as a "REA" - Registered Estate Agent and obtain your E-Registration Number. This is by submitting the below documents to the Board - still under En. Wan.

Pay attention to the 2 items listed inside:

  1. Copy of Appointment Letter
  2. Satisfactory Letter from employer (original)

Appointment Letter - this is your letter of engagement with the firm when you join as PEA. Use the appointment letter you received when you joined the agency firm which trained you as PEA.

Satisfactory Letter - this is a letter you need to get your current firm to produce to support your application as Registered Estate Agent. A sample is given below.

Take note that the word "satisfactory" must be stated, and included the sub paragraph (e) of the "Declaration to be signed by applicant" in Form B - inserted below.

After that, you need to sign off the "Self Declaration Form" see below:

Which is a simple name, IC, signature and date like above. It is attached to the list of documents sent to you together with the TPC Result Notification Letter.

You then upload the attachments in the system to register online. Pay attention that you require to upload the attachments in PDF format ONLY. So, convert your scan copies to PDF when you take pictures of them. Remember to merge the pages of Form B, "Declaration to be signed by applicant" and "For Office Use Only" together into one PDF to be attached.

After you have uploaded the attachments, and click submit, the bis system will send an email to your mailbox.

Check your email.

The above is an email indicating that you have submitted application to be registered as a NEW REA. Check that within this email there is an attachment for you to make payment. See attachment below which is a Payment Slip of RM75. 

The status of this is "Pending" as boxed out in orange above. Therefore, you are required to go back to to make payment. Login again to the system and go to payment menu.

You can see there is a new Payment Outstanding, so tick in the box and proceed to make payment online. Subsequently, the payment gateway will give you choices how you prefer to make payment. Below is the bis payment history page to show that the amount RM75 is paid and a receipt generated for the transaction.

You need to print out the receipt and attach it with the whole lot of the other documents to be couriered to Board for processing.

See receipt that shows RM75 paid below.

Despite what you have submitted online, you need to send up the physical documents (those documents need to be certified true copy, etc. as stated in the list provided above.

At this point, you have completed the submission process to be registered as a REA.

Then... wait for the Registration Number or E Number... it will take some weeks.

Added 8 August, 2023

It took about a month - sent over by courier Poslaju on 12 Jul, 2023 and it took 27 days to process and approve the application. Although En Wan will email giving notification of the approval, nothing is indicative in bis system on this approval process. There is nothing in bis system showing unpaid amount or new payment or ticket to pay. That is, as email had been received but no progress change in the bis system.

See bis system status:

En Wan will send an email notifying that the approval has been obtained for registration as REA - with a PDF attached letter signed by the registrar. This email is attached below:

Attached letter from Board notifying my application to be a REA is approved! See below:

Hence, notification to pay.

  • RM150 - As E-number Registration - this is like your car plate.
  • RM200 - As Authority to Practice (ATP) - this is like your car road tax.

Total = RM350.00.

You can proceed to pay online by and attach the receipt of payment email to En Wan. Indeed, you cannot make payment using bis system as there is no ticket created to make this payment.