Yearly PEA Renewal

03 Jan, 2023 - First Reminder 2023

Failing the renewal, registrant will be removed from the register. See removal here.

01 Oct, 2022 - 2023 RENEWAL

* Renewal for PEA for 2023 does NOT require CPD points as yet. However, for 2024 renewal, CPD requirement will be included as announced in circular on CPD (4th Edition) on 05 Aug, 2022 - see below after "Online Payment (BIS PORTAL)  for Renewal 2023".

05 Aug, 2022 - BOVAEP issued a new Edition (4th Edition) of CPD Guideline - see below. This new Guideline now put PEAs to collect 5 CPD points to qualify for the renewal of the Validity of Probationary Status. This will start at the end of the 2023 for 2024 renewal and thereafter.

Every year, BOVAEP will issue a notice for renewal end of September or beginning of October to all registrants including PEAs. See below the notice for 2020.

Renewal for PEA is RM50, and it is done during the last 3 months of the year. New PEA Name Tag and Form K1 (Certificate of Registration) will be sent out after your renewal for the new calendar year.

01 Oct, 2021 Board again issued a Circular "Notification - Online Payment (BIS Portal) For Renewal 2022" below:

In this Notification Circular, there were 2 key points:

a) Declaration should be from Insolvency Department - see below.
b) That name will be removed from the register if NO RENEWAL is submitted. See here for more information on REMOVAL.

1. Fill up your Form D1, attach them in, form D1 is as below. You can download Form D1 in the system when you sign into your account.

2. If you have not registered with E Insolvensi, have to register first and use online gateway service to pay (RM10) via Online Banking service (I used Maybank 2U).

3. Immediate after payment, you can download the insolvency report. Then, attach to your bankruptcy Search Result in PDF in the attachment. The can only take PDF.

Then wait for the BIS System to approve your application. Now, as you login to your BIS Account, under the Menu Bar "MY LICENCE RENEWAL" you can see:

4. After that you will wait for the approval to make RM50 PEA renewal payment via, which will take about 1-2 working days. An email will be sent to you for notification of approval for payment.

Email notification

5. Wait for a week plus, the Name Tag will be sent by post as below.

and, the system will show that it has been renewed and approved for the new year, see below:

6. REN renewal all sorted through the Agency, so this process above is only for PEA and REA.

If there is any issue encountered in the system, you can inquire from the IT team of