TPC Final Result

The final process of TPC Result Announcement

You may refer to the videos below for preparing your TPC Examination:

TPC - my experience TASK-2

TPC - my experience (1st TPC)

TPC - my preparation Part 2

TPC - my preparation Part 1

Having been called for Test of Professional Competence (Estate Agency) Examination (or interview), a candidate will be notified results in the system. See below the result for my TPC 2nd attempt.

You have to wait for the official letter which will take some 2 weeks to reach you. Usually, this is depending on the time of the Board Meeting to officially present the candidates to the Board and award the results. Mine was done on 20th June, 2023 while the 2nd TPC attempt was on 14th June, 2023.

The system has already registered the "full pass" on the 21 Jun, 2023, and yet we have to wait for the official letter to reach our mailing address (your residence) - by about a week to 2 weeks. I received the physical letter by normal mail on 4th Jul, 2023 subject to the postman of your mail delivery service. See below the official result announcement for TPC.


I took the 2nd TPC on 14th Jun, 2023, the Meeting was held on 20th Jun, 2023 to endorse the result and the letter was prepared on 21st Jun, 2023. Hence, you actually get your result in the system much earlier!

Do check your bis!

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