Removal from Register

In 2020 year end, many PEA and REA did NOT renew their registration with the Board. This resulted in Board making for the first time, removal of names in the Register in May, 2021. See circular below.

Chronology of events:

01 Oct, 2020 - Circular on renewal for 2021

11 Feb, 2021 - Circular on Reminder for renewal 2021

25 Mar, 2021 - Circular on Reminder for renewal 2021

And, on 02 April, 2021, Board came out with a Notification Circular to REMOVE the register those who did NOT renew. This Circular also emphasized on the Reinstatement Procedures.

And, finally on 28 May, 2021, Board published the Removal List in another Circular "Removal of Probationary Valuer and Probationary Estate Agents" below.

A screenshot of the two attachments (PV list and PEA list) are provided below with blur-out of names and registration numbers.

PEA list = 635PV list = 626
Removed PV & PEA list - See Circular in website

Hence, on 01 Oct, 2021 as usual, Board issued a Notification for the renewal of PEA/PV in the Circular below: