Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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When are you going to have the 2020/2021 Questions and Answers?

27 Jan, 2022 - The 2020 Examination was held 10 Jan - 12 Jan, 2022. 2021 Examination will be held on 08 Mar - 10 Mar, 2022. Both year of questions will need to be purchased from Board as this round, the examination did NOT allow candidates to take out the papers. We will wait to get the questions from the Board and as soon as we get hold of the questions, we will provide suggested answers.

When are you going to have the 2019 Questions and Answers?

The 2019 Questions had been uploaded. Their answers are available in from 28 March, 2020 upon subscription. Answers were done during MCO.

What’s your return policy?

There is FREE Trial Membership, you subscribe to the website as a FREE SUBSCRIBER. This allows some familiarization of the website navigation and gain some areas of the Video Summary Series and D01 Principles of Accounting. However, FREE SUBSCRIBER trial period will not be accessible to read the restricted content. It is due to previous incidence that the restricted materials were copied and circulated without the permission of the author yet the perpetrator demanded refund.

Do you allow oversea subscription?

Yes. However, as the examination is subject to local regulation and legal environment in Malaysia, which means the materials in this website is not applicable overseas. Although there should not be any boundaries on knowledge, it's you own personal choice to apply this knowledge in another legal jurisdiction.

The materials used here are from public domain. In other words, it is as if you are getting information from the Internet, which is of no limitation as to geographical location.

Do you have customer service?

We have WhatsApp group "LPEPH Exam" which serves as a platform for exchange of discussion. Support also can be done directly by messaging the me - Admin.

Further services will later be introduced in the future. It will depend on the demand for this subscription website.

Do you give membership access just for 1 subject?

At best, "No". However, upon popular demand, I have given single subject at RM250 for Part 1 and RM300 for Part 2. You are recommended to subscribe to Junior or Senior packages for more subjects. Senior package has all the three law related subjects together in Part 2.

This is because of the 3 - attempt rule which means the best strategy to pass this exam is to take all 6 subjects in the first attempt.

How about retaking some subjects in Part 1? (Added 01 Nov, 2020)

Many candidates will find this examination hard to pass in the first examination (Part 1). This is no surprise, hence you do not need to feel disappointed. In fact, my personal journey in Part 1 took me 3 attempts. See my result here. It can be related to insufficient experience in examination strategy or other personal conditions. This can include language proficiency, use of key words, approach to the examination (due to long idle) or family/work matters.

To cover this frequent occurrence, there are various combinations of subjects for retaking the examination. There are Junior or Senior packages for more or less subjects. For example, when a candidate is sitting in Part 1 and wanting to prepare for some other subjects in Part 2, Senior package has all the three law related subjects together in Part 2. When retaking Part 1 subjects in subsequent year, the same package (Senior) can be used to revisit the Part 1 subjects (by renewal of the membership subscription), while preparing for the future subjects in Part 2.

The other method is choosing the Junior package which consists of D02 Law, D04 Tax and D05 Mkt which could be the subjects to be retaken. Furthermore, a new method is now possible!

This is the "Retake and Prepare Packages" in the "Membership Explained" Table. The subjects can be taken in combinations of single or more Part 1 subjects and some Part 2 subjects. The aim of this approach is to enable candidates to study (about 5 months from Sep - Jan) while waiting for results.

If I just need to retake 1 or 2 subjects in Part 2? (Added 01 Nov, 2020)

This is a common scenario as well. Candidate in Part 2 might retake some tough subjects in Part 2 for second or third attempt. Part 2 can also be taken in 3 attempts within 4 years. Hence, some might not want to do it as 6 subjects in a single attempt. This means some candidates might want to split the subjects into two separate "groups" so as to reduce study load.

This is now possible with the "Retake and Prepare Packages" in the "Membership Explained" Table. The Part 2 subjects could be taken in loose manner to accommodate the strategy to get ready for the next attempt.

If I have already gained access to FREE Trial, why should I pay for membership?

There are many videos and "2019 answers explained" series for viewing and easier understanding - these are under subscription. The Paid Membership is access to Past Year Q&A, whereas FREE Trial is to give you a guide in the working of this website. All the past year suggested answers are under subscription only.

Do I have to register for FREE Trial if I select Paid Membership?

Everybody is encourage to register for FREE Trial in order to go through the "Free Courses".

Nevertheless, you can choose to stay as FREE Trial without paying for the membership level. In such case, your FREE Trial period will expire in 14 days.

However, if you choose to sign up with Paid Membership, the membership commences the moment you receive an email indicating it.

Take for example, if you have signed up for FREE Trial and at the same time paid for Part 1 membership, your Part 1 membership period commences the moment that you receive the email indicating it.

The 14 days 'Free Trial' is converted to 'Money Back' if you choose not to continue the subscription within this 14 days. In other words, the 'Cool-Off' period is still 14 days.

Can I convert the remaining duration of one membership to another membership?

No. This is difficult to calculate and allocate.

For example, you have signed up for Part 1 in March, and by July exam the same year, you have completed the Part 1 exam. By August, you would decide to move to Part 2. In this case, you should have opted for Senior or Part 1 & 2 Membership instead of just Part 1.

Similarly, if your did not prepare well some subjects in the earlier attempt and wish to retake the subjects in the next examination, you might want to consider using the "Retake and Prepare Packages" in the "Membership Explained" Table. This enable you to retake some tough subjects in a "loose manner".

Do I get to access future past year questions?

Yes! Every year exam questions will be updated in the website. Although I cannot guarantee the timely upload of the suggested answers, it will be our continual afford to win subscribers by doing so.

For example, you have signed up for membership in middle of March. It would expire in March the following year. The July exam questions will be uploaded to the website and suggested answers be inserted for your continual learning.


Imagine you bought 5 books from a bookstore. After reading them within a month, you go back to the bookstore and ask for a refund because you said, you do NOT read them anymore. Is it fair to the bookstore? So, similarly, there is no refund for subscription to