TPC task submission process

This page is a collection of the steps to undergo TPC.

Status of Diary Work In your, you can track the approval of your diary work submitted for marking. Nevertheless, you need to receive your hardcopy which is being returned (Poslaju) to your address, to know what needs to be done (some are told to add further 6 more months of recording of diary).

Is there any form to be attached with Diary Submission?

The answer is "NO" but it would be good practice and courtesy to write a cover letter when you send up to Board. There is the "Appendix B" - shown below, but it is for submitting the work experience and tasks.

Approval letter from the Registrar of BOVAEP:

Examiner who marked the Work Diary:

The Letter which indicates the completion of 2nd year work diary only mentioned that a candidate will be notified of Date of Interview later. This means, having completed the 2 years Work Diary and being marked, a candidate will queue for the TPC Interview.


Step 5 - Submitting for TPC Tasks and Professional Interview

When the 2nd year work diary is returned and in good order, the Board will invite the candidate to submit the Tasks and prepare for the TPC Interview.

Form TPC (EA) 4/96 as below:


Therefore, you might just wait for 2nd year Work Diary to be marked and returned to you. After that, send the TPC (EA) 4/96 form together with the below items:

1. Payment RM200.00.

2. Tax records (Borang B) for latest 2 years.

3. Work Experience write up (2 sets) certified by supervisor (Appendix B)

4. Task 1 (4 sets) certified by supervisor (Appendix B)

5. Task 2 (4 sets) certified by supervisor (Appendix B)

, in a fresh submission.

Indeed, there is mention of submission of Work Diary (together with the Tasks) in TPC EA 4/96 Form, however I was informed NOT to resubmit because both the work diaries had been marked. Nevertheless, remember to bring the Work Diaries along when attending the Interview.

Although it is supposed to be submitted one (1) month ahead of the interview as mentioned in Rules and Guidelines 2007,  (as sub-part 8.03 below indicating such procedure:

8.03 The submission of the above must be made either in person or by post through recorded delivery or ordinary post with a certificate of posting at least one month before the date of interview.)

the practice is that you will wait for 6 months to 9 months to be called for the actual interview.

Remember! The requirement inside Form TPC (EA) 4/96 includes Proof of Work which is - EA form (if under employment) or Borang B (if under Contract for Service) to be included for submission together with the fee.

Appendix B is shown below:

Referring to Rules and Guidelines to the Test of Professional Competence for the Estate Agency Practice, 2nd Ed 1 Sep, 2007, pages 4 & 6:

Page 4

Page 6



Step 5.1 - Fee payable for Actual TPC

Pay a fee of RM200 for the WHOLE TPC (TASK & ORAL EXAM) when submitting the TPC (EA) 4/96 form together with the required copies of the below:

  • Work Experience (x 2)
  • Task 1 (x 4)
  • Task 2 (x 4)

Bring along your Work Diary just in case they want to verify the case in Task 1 Estate Agency Process with the particular Sale and Purchase Case you have recorded in your Work Diary.

You will be notify of the outcome of the TPC on the spot (Tasks requiring changes). If you need to amend and resubmit, Form TPC (EA) 5/96 below is required to be submitted with payment as indicated below.

Step 6 - In case of Reassessment

Retaking the TPC Interview:

Reassessment from failing the Tasks - which is most of the case as the candidate will be asked about the Tasks first. Fee to be paid another RM200 for the whole TPC (if candidate has not also passed the Professional Interview), or RM100 if reassessment is only for the Tasks.

Reassessment from failing the Professional Interview or Oral Exam (4 sub-parts), the fee is RM100. This is rare as the candidate had already completed the Tasks (which is more difficult) but failed the Professional Interview.

Reassessment from failing the Tasks but having passed Professional Interview. This is such case where the candidate DID NOT pass the tasks but allowed to proceed to the Professional Interview and passed the Professional Interview. This category is to pay RM100.

See below the fees:


You can always make payment online to Board's Account in Maybank Berhad at the below Account Number (as shown in picture).

You may also write a cheque to "Lembaga Penilai, Pentaksir, Ejen Harta Tanah dan Pengurus Harta" or "Board of Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents and Property Managers", or "LPEPH" - please be careful not to spell the board wrongly - "LPPEH", which will result in your cheque being rejected.