TPC Examination Notification and Reassessment

How do you know your timing of TPC Interview and what if you have attended, notification of result?


Current state of queue for TPC EA is about ONE & HALF year (1 year 6 months). I submitted my Tasks Aug, 2021 and only in Mar, 2023 I got called for the TPC Interview. This could be due to COVID-19 pandemics during 2020 and 2021, during which there was no TPC held. Therefore, the TPC Committee is speeding up interview to clear the long waiting list.

Nevertheless, you might be subjected to long queue because in recent years, there are increased number of PEA registered and in queue for various stages of training. The PEA number as of today 12, April, 2023 is 2366.

Below see the email on TPC notification sent by Board.

I have attended the TPC Interview on 08 Mar, 2023 and my experience was recorded in a Video Presentation at my other website -

With this TPC Interview being done on the 1st or 2nd week of a month, the TPC Committee will issue a notification of outcome after a "Board Meeting" which endorses the result of the TPC held.

Usually, this will be notified by an official letter to candidate who sat for the TPC Interview. For normal processing time, this is within the same month. Sometimes, an email will also be sent.

Below is result of TPC Interview called "Estate Agent's Examination TPC Part III - (ORAL TEST)" and the subsequent Reassessment required. As you can see, the date of the letter was 22 March, 2023 (meeting was on 21 Mar, 2023) and it was posted out from KL on the 29 March, 2023. This letter by normal mail was received some time a week later (1st week of April).

Above is letter of notification of TPC Result and further reassessment. As you can see, there are 2 timings:-

Deadline - 15 May, 2023
TPC 6/2023 - Jun, 2023

What this means is - Reassessment application with the edited task(s) would have to arrive at Board before 15 May, 2023 for the earliest possible reassessment in Jun, 2023.

Why is there such timing? Are all being given the same timing?

The TPC Committee decides how much waiting time is required for next reassessment. It is up to the TPC examiners if timing could be set to be 12 months, 9 months or 6 months. Based on the TPC Interview performance, the TPC Committee decides on the readiness of the candidate. Hence, timing is dependent on the TPC examiner. Some might get to reassess the candidate fastest within 3 months, some might put the candidate to 6 months, 9 months or 12 months, etc.

As for the case above, this candidate was given 3 months to return for reassessment as long as he has submitted the amended Task 2.

About how to prepare for your Tasks, you can visit the below Video Presentations:

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