Forms required for PEA Registration

Registration as PEA includes the below steps:

  1. Completed the written examination (be it Board Diploma or other qualifications recognized by BOVAEP)
  2. Proof of completion with examination result announcement (no need to wait for the Diploma certificate)
  3. Submit together with the below forms:
  • Form B1 [Rule 17]
  • Form TPC (EA) 1/96 (registration for the TPC)

Pay the Fees (Form B1 = RM100) & Form TPC (EA) 1/96 = RM50), and if in a package to include Diary Book - best to purchase two (2) books if you are doing 2 years, and the TPC Guideline booklet (yellow book) = RM10. Do include RM10 for Poslaju postage. Total = RM190.

See the guideline from BOVAEP for registration of PEA below:

Application for Registration as a Registered Probationary Estate Agent under Section 22D of the Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents and Property Managers Act, 1981.

(Refer Page 108 of the Act 242)

Why is it Form B1? Because Form B is Registration as Registered Estate Agent (REA), hence B1 for PEA.

Below are common APPLICATION forms for the respective purposes

  • Form A - RV
  • Form A1 - PV
  • Form B - REA
  • Form B1 - PEA
  • Form C - special authority
  • Form D - YEARLY Renewal of Authority to Practise (ATP) RV, REA, RPM
  • Form D1 - YEARLY Renewal of registration as PV, PEA, PPM


Upon completion of 2 years diary work, marked by the examiner and returned to the candidate, the below forms are to be submitted for calling to attend TPC

a) Work Diary

b) Record of Experience duly certified by the candidate's supervisor

c) Practical Tasks duly certified by the candidate's supervisor

d) Certified copies of Employee's Provident Fund Statements and Income Tax Form BE/EA for the past two years; and

e) Fee for the assessment of TPC = RM200.