Other Areas of Involvement

Outside my professional work as Real Estate Person (PEA2066), I am involved with the below Non-Governmental, Non-Profit Organisations:

  1. Sarawak Hospice Society
  2. Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents (Sarawak Branch)

1. Swk Hospice Soc - Secretary

Hospice work that I am involved with is about terminal ill cancer patients. I am the secretary of Sarawak Hospice Society and its webmaster. I have been involved with this Society from as early as 2009 (10 years ago). The website is at sarawakhospicesociety.org and sarawakhospicesociety.com.

*As most patients are in their last moment of life they do NOT look well. Hence, we respect their wishes not to take photograph. Thus, you will NOT see records of our work much in the website. Unlike other NGOs - which usually exhibit their work in the society for donation, we do NOT have much record of this nature.

Hospital care of cancer patients come to an end when there is no more benefit of medical treatment or further intervention. From this stage onward, patients are taken as palliation. During this stage of terminal care, much is about diet/nutrition and patient comfort.

When cancer patients are told to face death, many choose to go back to their familiar surrounding - home. It is when families do NOT know how to handle them that we come in to help. We call this Hospice Home Care Programme. At appropriate time, we also advise family members to prepare for the final moments of death.

You can read many of our activities in our website.

2. MIEA Sarawak Branch - Committee Member

Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents (MIEA) is a professional body for the community of Real Estate Practitioners in Malaysia. As a Probationary Estate Agent, I am also a committee member (education) for its Sarawak Branch.

More information can be obtain at MIEA website here.

As the Institute is geared to promote continual education, I am taking the lead to promote Estate Agent's Examination conducted by the Board of Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents & Property Managers, Malaysia. This is a monthly event which we called "Let's Talk Real Estate".

With my ongoing work in information technology and website building, I am also one of the speakers for the "IT in Real Estate" paper, and involved in the Negotiator Certification Course (NCC), both in English and Mandarin.